Thursday, 27 November 2008

Installing Java Application in the Motorola Phone

This seems more difficult then I thought.
I bought the Motorola V3xx phone and it has got a USB Cable.
BUT!, no cd for me to install the software!

This software is important so that the pc would know what to do when you connect the Motorola phone to the pc. Without the software, the pc would mention that the phone is not installed properly or something like that.

These are the steps that I took:
(For any problems faced, read below)

Step 1.
Sign up at the Motorola Developer's Website.

Step 2.
Then, I had to download the following:

Handset USB Driver for Windows: used for connecting your Motorola handset to a Windows computer via a USB cable
Motorola Midway Tool: used for downloading Java™ ME applications to your phone using a serial or USB cable

**Please take note you'll need to install the Handset USB Driver for Windows before installing the Midway Tool**

Step 3.
After that, follow the instructions on using the Midway Tool and you are done.

**Please take note:
- insert the USB cable at the correct times.
- ensure that the JAD and JAR files under the same folder.


1. Enabling the Java App Loader in Motorola
In the Midway tool, there is a step whereby you need to open the Java App Loader in the Java Settings. However, it is not possible in all phones. You may need to send it to Motorola for them to enable it for you! This is a complete waste of time!

I downloaded MotoMidMan together with RSD Lite and used it to enable the java app loader and it works!

It is hard to really say which one solution works so it is best for you to google and try it out. I did heard of The UID Extraction Tool on the MOTODEV web site (MOTODEV) which can be used to enable JAL if it is not visible in the handset's "Java Settings" menu. I have not tried it but you might want to try!

However, I recommend you NOT to use p2ktools or p2kman. It just doesn't work for me.

All the best!

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