Friday, 12 December 2008

Using protected APIs in Motorola

I faced a great deal of problem of having to install my application in the Motorola phone.

First, without any certificate, I am not able to run the application as there is no permission to read user's data.

Second, after applying for a certificate, while running my application it says Certificate has expired. It was because I didn't set the correct date and time.

Third, my application says authentication failure. It took me a great deal of research of what went wrong. The mistake was, I turned one big round before reaching to the point. It was because of the VeriSign certificate which is not valid for Motorola. If I were to develope an application and wish to test it, I gotta apply for the bound certificate. I refered to the FAQ from the Motorola's Developers Website.

Here is the link to the steps taken to achieve it:
I am writing a MIDlet that uses protected API (e.g. JSR75 FileConnection). These protected API are not accessible to an unsigned/untrusted MIDlet so whenever I try to use a protected API class without the MIDlet being signed/trusted a SecurityException is generated. How do I obtain a developer certificate to allow me to developer a MIDlet which access protected API?

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